• The Visa and MasterCard authorization networks are a major source of VAN services revenues from credit authorization interchange. TYMNET is involved with VAN services for the MasterCard Automated Point-of-Sale Program (MAPP).

• VAN services utilized by all marketplace participants, whether “in-house” or through computer services, are considered as information services in the expenditure forecast presented in this report.

• Industry data indicates that approximately two-thirds of bank credit card authorization transactions are currently interchanged between market participants.


• Retailers include supermarkets, department stores, small merchants, restaurants, gas stations, and other retail establishments. There are over one-quarter million retail establishments.

• Major retailers offer their own credit card and credit authorization services. Such services are considered “in-house.” Expenditures for such services are not considered part of the credit card authorization expenditures for information services forecast in this report

• Large retailers such as Sears and J. C. Penney are beginning to offer credit card services, including authorization and clearance to commercial companies (and, indeed, other retailers).