United States League

It will be of interest for you to know that this year the United States League has received many more insertions of its publicity releases in the nation’s newspapers than in any previous year. Of special significance in this connection is the fact that such news material about our business is appearing more and more in the financial rather than the real estate pages of publications. Our efforts to build up the thrift side of our business are beginning to bear fruit. At long last, we are being recognized as primarily savings and not merely as lending institutions. A great help in our better public relations is the some 4,000 circulation of our recently inaugurated Quarterly Letter among newspaper and magazine writers as well as professors of finance and economics. Today as never before, there is a far better knowledge of our savings associations among the by line writers due, in part, to the prominent part our business and our League played in its forthright and courageous fight against the delusion, the mockery, and the snare commonly entitled the federal political housing bill.