Savings and Loans News

Our regular publication services of the League, such as Savings and Loans News, The Directors Digest, The Legal Bulletin, The Confidential Bulletin, and the Special Management Bulletin, continued in an ever-improving fashion to keep us informed as to the wants and as to the unrealized possibilities of usefulness of our savings institutions. In a succinct and homey fashion, The Directors Digest continued to bring to the many thousands of directors a wealth of information to aid each of us in that capacity in policy determination. Three Special Management Bulletins were issued during the year which were of inestimable value to our senior executives in handling certain important details of day-to-day .functions. One covered the Amended Veterans Administration Regulations, concerning lending under the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944; another, a project of the Management Committee, was a complete study of the Application of the Federal Wage and Hour Law to our savings associations; and the last gave the new Rules and Regulations for Federal Institutions as well as newly adopted Charter N. In addition, there were 12 other special publications or membership service activities either distributed to or made available to all members upon request. Under preparation at the present time and soon to be released are: A timely and extensive booklet on Collection Policies and Procedures; a complete memorandum covering School Savings Programs and their importance to our business; and a New Office Quarters Brochure with an emphasis designed to be of special help to our smaller institutions.