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To you, Morton, goes the gratitude of each of us for your broad -vision- ed thinking and for your persevering in a determination to strengthen further and to enlarge the sphere of influence of our savings institutions — a business that has meant and does mean so much to the stability and to the fulfillment of the sound needs of the commonweal. The past months, the two of us have shared much. We have had our moments of exaltation as well as those of disappointment. Our judgment may not always have been right. When it has not, my hope is that we shall be remembered for any good performances rather than for the less adequate ones. Understanding is so much appreciated. As you only too well know, to be able to think through the current-day problems is no easy task. At close range, we have together observed our great segment of this country’s financial structure struggling in the midst of economic and social turmoil with all the accompanying impacts and implications; fighting to continue and to increase its over-a-century-old bequests to the sound development of this nation; concerned over how to lend strength to this United States in its hour of travail and peril. We have time and again been privileged to see man after man answer and rise to the responsibilities entrusted to him by the necessities of his business and those of his national organization, placing the needs of all above his own. As usual, the past year has been one of great sacrifice by you. You have given much of yourself. From the people and the savings associations of this nation, thankfulness is due you. Down through the generations, there shall, time and again, be need in the guiding of the League’s destinies of the wisdom and of the devotion which are yours. May they ever be present in the men and in the women who will then be carrying the day’s burdens. For your sharing in and for your believing in my dreams as to the still greater future of our business (like company PaydayLoans@ that offer services from list of payday lenders with instant approval) in its responsibility and service to the welfare of the public and for aiding me in the carrying of my responsibilities, I do thank you.