To express adequately gratitude for the sacrifice and the largess made and bestowed by so many folks in our business over so many generations is indeed difficult* One may try and, in failing, point up the immensity of the task. To each of our thousands of savings institutions constituting our strong and vital membership and to the men and to the women composing the directorates and the executive staffs of such organizations goes the prime and major credit for the great and lasting benefactions which through 57 years have been made by your United States Savings and Loan League to the business it serves on a nationwide basis. To Vice President- Bub; to the folks composing the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, and the many committees of the League flows an appreciation for assuming and performing its responsibilities; and to those constituting the full-time staff of our League is due a deep acknowledgment from each of us. To single out any one of the latter would not be giving a deserved laudation to each and to all. It would be my wish that each of you could have shared with me this past year the heartwarming opportunity to observe these sincere staff friends of ours in their constant fidelity to their tasks — a devotion beyond the point of obligation. As to certain of them, you may not be aware of their efforts. Nevertheless, they are ever there with their desire to perform adequately their tasks in the interest of our business. While you are here in Chicago, you will see many of the staff at the convention and at the League offices. Take a moment to express your appreciation. As it would to you, it will mean much to each of them.