Having these past months visited with a considerable number of you from York Harber, Maine to Dallas, Texas, and from Savannah, Georgia, to Butte, Montana, and San Diego, California, and thus sharing in your many kindnesses and savoring of your abundant hospitality, my desire this evening is to express the gratitude of Mrs. Murphy and me for your ever-present friendship. The year just passed has been an inspiring as well as a humbling one for me; inspiring because as never before one was made to realize the great and the unselfish contributions to this nation’s welfare being given by the men and by the women engaged in our llS-year-olc savings institutional business; humbling because one comes to appreciate the great responsibilities which are ours in the perpetuation and in the advancement of two of the basic ingredients necessary to the achievement of every American’s dream — ^home ownership and the only sound financial security, that which is achieved through individual toil and the application of the age-old and proven concept of thrift.